Jung, Gurdjieff.


The main systems we study and a glossary of the topics we will cover for each one.


Deep Psychology of the Collective Unconscious and Archetypes

  • Biographical overview and his work. Fields covered by his theory.
  • The PSYCHE as soul. Totality.
  • The Four Functions: Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition.
  • The Ego; The Personal Unconscious and its contents. Theory of complexes.
  • The Collective Unconscious and Archetypes.
  • Main Archetypes: Anima-Animus, Persona, Shadow, Self.
  • Libido in Jung differentiated from other concepts of libido.
  • Psychic Values.
  • The function of Intuition.
  • Energetic conception in Jung. Principle of Equivalence.
  • Entropy in Psychic Functioning. Energy Channeling, Catharsis, and Transference.
  • Individuation and its analogy with initiation in ancient cultures.
  • Transcendent Function in the Psyche. Psychological Types.

Fourth Way of


  • What is the Fourth Way.
  • A new vision of the Psyche. Life as a school. Levels of Consciousness.
  • The lack of unity in man. Egos. Psychological techniques of Observation and Self-Remembering for the development of a balanced temperament.
  • The Structure of the Psyche and its functions. The Intellectual, Emotional, Instinctive, and Motor Centers.
  • Transformation of Negative Emotions.
  • Internal and External Consideration.
  • Non-Identification with the contents of the mind.
  • Events and States.
  • Transformation of Impressions.
  • The Three Lines of Work.
  • Alchemy in the Fourth Way.
  • Cosmology in its system. The laws of Seven and Three.
  • Gurdjieff's Table of Hydrogens. The three foods in Human Beings: Air, Food, and Impressions.

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